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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

There are no small turnouts, only small voters

I've seen this guy's United States Election Project before and was none too impressed. Not only because the website looks like it's from 1999 but more importantly because his statistics don't usually match up with others I've come across.

Here he argues that voter turnout has not declined significantly since 1972, but only appears to be declining because we are essentially measuring wrong, that is, using the entire voting age population including people with non-citizen status, felons, etc. Have we really? I look forward to being able to find these things out myself as I pursue my statistics education.

My concern is that this seems like an argument that could lend credence to what has unofficially been dubbed the GOP's War on Voting (See posts titled "Today in Voter Suppression.") Whether or not turnout is declining, it's still upsettingly low and just like hunger or violence, the goal isn't to decrease voter apathy but to virtually eradicate it.

Note: Thank you to commenter "Dan" for commenting on this post. I think we were saying the same thing, but you made me realize my language was unclear. Changes reflected above.

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