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Friday, November 18, 2016

Goodnight Mainsplaining Twitterverse [Phase Two: Anger] : A Poem By Nancy

Goodnight Mansplaining Twitterverse
Who thinks I should calm down
I'd care about your hot takes
Had you spent time on the ground

Goodnight racists who blame their basest
Urges on "economic anxiety"
Goodnight self-righteous Bernie Bros
I hope you're happy with your piety

Goodnight misogynists who tell me
It isn't sex or race but class
Why don't you take your white male privilege
and shove it up your ass

Goodnight Monday morning quarterbacks
Who "saw this coming all along"
I don't even care for football
But I know that means you're wrong

Goodnight alt-right and neo-Nazis
though you're basically the same
Goodnight media who for the sake of expedia,
we'll just call equally to blame

Goodnight 24 hour pundits
With your reporting all the time
as if assault was "trading barbs"
but sending emails was a crime

Goodnight non-voters, you freeloaders
Who protest now but didn't vote
Who condescend to then pretend
that we are all in the same boat

Goodnight majority of white women
What you were thinking I can't tell
I'll take this moment to remind you
There's a special place in Hell

Goodnight Director Comey
Who just felt the need to share
When it's time for your public stoning
You can bet that I'll be there

Goodnight Anthony Weiner
At your sex addiction place
We'll be financing the midterms by
Charging to slap you in the face

Goodnight brogressives who think now Dems
Should pander not empower
When they went low, let records show
You chose to run and cower

Goodnight colleagues posting all about
How fired up they are
I'll join you when I'm ready
You're a badder bitch by far

Goodnight old roommates, friends, and lovers
Who text me now in disbelief
Your current fears, I've had for years
I can't help you with your grief

Goodnight baby orgs and fellows
For whom this is was your first campaign
You are loved, your work is needed
I hope this soothes your pain

Goodnight broworkers new and old
"Just calling to say hi"
Your words say, "can we grab a drink?"
The subtext? "Please don't die."

I understand that Tweeting's not
The best way to convey
my anger and frustration
But I don't know what to say

At least I'm not still crying
That's a step in the right direction
So for now I'm Nancy, signing off
Fuck you, fuck this election

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