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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sweet Home Maps and Data

(Karaoke version for your sing along pleasure)

So here's what happened, in case you don't obsessively reload your Twitter feed like I do. One of my followers tweeted "I just got @NGPVAN access again today. It's like coming home." Then I got Sweet Home Alabama stuck in my head and decided a great use of time instead of writing my paper would be to write a Lynyrd Skynyrd parody about VAN access, because you know #good decisions. The rest, as they say, is history. I'm sincerely not sure if I'm proud or ashamed of this one... Turn it up!

Election season is coming
Taking me far from my own kin
I’ve gotta go to where they need me
I’m in a swing state once again!
(Not votin’s a sin)

Well you know I love some VoteBuilder
But the County Chair puts it down
Well, I hope these slacktivists remember
A good field team don't need them around, anyhow

Sweet Home Maps and Data
Turning States Red to Blue
Sweet Home Maps and Data
I Love Logging Into You

Let’s elect a brand new Governor (Blue, blue, blue!)
I’ve gotta do all I can do
So if we lose it will not bother me
Does your flake rate bother you? (Tell me true)

Sweet Home Maps and Data
Turning States Red to Blue
Sweet Home Maps and Data
I Love Logging Into You

(Like comin’ hooooome, Like comin' hooome, hoooome)

You tell me how to hit my numbers
And I’ve been known to make an ask or two
Campaign jobs don’t make me so much
But they’re much easier with you
(And my broworkers too)

Sweet Home Maps and Data
Turning States Red to Blue
Sweet Home Maps and Data
I Love Logging Into You

Sweet home Maps and Data
(Oh sweet home baby)
Turning States Red to Blue
(And the Senate race too)
Sweet Maps and Data
VAN, I'm coming home to you
Yea, yea

Friday, April 26, 2013

I've Been Meaning to Talk to You About That

My Quick and Dirty Thoughts on What's Been Happening in Election and Advocacy News

Oh my God you guys, I miss you so much! I seriously think about blogging the way you think about cupcakes when you're on a diet: I can't have it and I want it all the more!!! The good news is operation no-blogging-until-I-finish-finals is working. I have one paper (on the definition of women's political participation as a human right) left, plus a whole bunch of editing. However, the list of things I want to blog about has been stock piling out of control and before they become irrelevant and/or consume me, I wanted to share them with you. Below are some articles and issues I've been collecting along with one or two of my witty and incisive comments each. Hopefully this will tide us all over for the next couple of days. Here we go!

Marshal Ganz from the "too good to accept Nancy" Harvard Kennedy school talking about values vs. issues for FOCS the New Organizing Institute. I'm not always a fan of the hippie-dippier aspects of the Obama campaign, but I love this because it highlights the impact and importance of empowering volunteers to take agency not just in the context of the campaign but in their own lives.
DNC Director of technology, Bryan Whitaker, on the role of technology in President Obama's election. I love this article because it gives credence to contributions and advances made from 2004 to 2008 that made the historic use of technology on the 2012 Obama campaign possible.
Jim Messina on what's next. My favorite part of this interview is that he distinguishes between what is an isn't transferable from OFA 2012.
Speaking of friend posted the Dole Kemp website on his facebook wall recently. I'm sure the Clinton '96 site was equally visually appealing. I believe the term the kids use is LMFAO.

Today in Voter Suppression:
Voter ID bill passes North Carolina house. Booooo!
Nebraska decreases in-person early voting by five days.
Conservative Colorado Group Photoshops Out Minorities In Mailer Opposing Pro-Voting Legislation Wow. Tell me that part again about voter ID laws not being racist?
Trevor Potter of Stephen Colbert/John McCain fame makes the case for electronic voter registration. Yes!
Oregon Secretary of State pushes for automatic voter registration. A thousand times yes!
Florida bill lowers the mandated number of early voting days and hours, expands the number of early voting sights Oh, Florida...
Special interests and conservative Democrats are going after fusion voting and the New York State Working Families party, again. Fusion voting is such a good idea. You know you're doing it right when the real estate lobby hates you. For more info on why I love Fusion Voting and the Working Families Party and what those things are, click here.

People keep asking me what I think of those new Dove commercials. Here is what I think.
Women and organizers are both socialized to say "yes" when someone asks us for something, even at the expense of our own professional priorities. Great piece by friend Cole on the right way to say "no" when someone asks you for a favor.
Lindy West's response to men asking for 'the rules' after President Obama called Kamala Harris a hottie. Is it possible to get naked and roll around in a blog post? Because that's how much I loved this. For the record, I don't think what President Obama did was that bad, but I do understand where the people who do are coming from. It's all about privilege, a topic I've thought a lot about in grad school and intend to explore on this blog going forward. Seriously, read this piece. Lindy West NAILS IT.

Super PAC, Ready for Hillary started galvanizing support and heavily hinting at a Clinton 2016 run. People ask me if I think she'll run all the time and I always say I hope so, but after the way the media treated her in 2008, we sure as s**t don't deserve her.
In a case of art imitating life, the Onion agrees. I thought they were supposed to do satire...
Anthony Weiner is considering a run for mayor. He acted like an idiot, but I still don't think he should have resigned. I also don't think he should run for mayor.
Roll Call reports that the Hawaii Senate race is split along Clinton/Obama lines. It's called a primary, you assholes, it happened in 2008. Find something else real and not baselessly damaging to the Democratic party to report on.
Speaking of Fusion Voting and Working Families Party, did I mention I'm going down to South Carolina to volunteer for Colbert-Busch? I am.
Because her opponent does crazy things like debate cardboard cutouts of Nancy Pelosi.
Oh, and posts the phone numbers of voters who call his office. I'm not gonna say I've never fantasized about doing this, but that's what a GFY list is for.

Advocate from Where You Stand:
Ignore the tone of this article by John Hawkins who once asked me if I was going to "accuse him of patriarchy" after he pointed out that I was the only woman a panel we both sat on. (Well, now I am...) Kid wears shirt with pro-gun slogan on it to school. Kid gets in trouble. Hundreds of classmates wear shirts with pro-gun slogans on them the next day.
Good for them. If anything we should be encouraging kids to engage in the process. I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. came up with these moving and provocative ads in response to the absolutely insane failure of the gun control last week. Well, damn.
Everyday Sexism Project launches in the USA. The project gives women a space and a voice to identify the myriad ways that male privilege impacts our lives on a daily basis. I'm already blowing up their twitter feed.

Republican Operatives:
Gingrich campaign worker charged with blackmailing women, dressing up as an elephant.
Argh! You're making us look bad!
Former Pawlenty aid supports equal marriage. My friend who tweeted this article editorialized, "If I had a dollar for every Republican staffer or former elected who supports gay marriage..." So, true! It's clear the direction we're going on this can we just get there?
Because speaking of which...The FEC ruled that same-sex couples can't give to campaigns like straight couples. The FEC's hands were tied. They were just interpreting a shitty, discriminatory law.

And that, my friends, is what I have to say about that. As I signed my email to my volunteers the night before the Iowa caucus, see you in victory!

(Hopefully this goes better...)

Campaign Love And Mine,


Monday, April 8, 2013

Watch This!

Hi all! I'm finishing up grad school and I am trying (emphasis on trying) to put all my energy into that so I can graduate and get back to what I love best! That would be working with you guys.

In the meantime, I wanted to share the video above. I am thrilled and surprised that I'm getting more and more questions not just about how to organizer, but how to be. I'm looking forward to summarizing for you both my research in grad school about women in the public sphere as well as sharing what I've learned about myself in the 2 years I've been "out of the game" (and arguably more in it than I've ever been.) I think the talk above is a really required viewing for well, anyone.