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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Joe Biden or The Onion

Either I am particularly susceptible to amusement today or the Internet is just killing it lately! This WaPo quiz asking users to identify whether the headline is about actual Joe Biden or Onion Joe Biden is difficult. Like not-giggling-when-someone-says-erect difficult. I only got 11/15.

One of the answers also includes (spoiler alert), "Ben Smith, the editor in chief of BuzzFeed, reports his son drenched New York Times columnist David Brooks because 'Biden told me to!'" Eat it, Ben Smith.

Take the quiz here.


Remember when I said, I love that people send me funny voting stuff? My friend Lee sent me the above picture from his Washington State mail in ballot last night. (Let this be a warning, Snapchats are capture-able!)

You can read about GoodSpaceGuy's policies here (click under Congressional District 7) but I think Lee summed it up when he told me, "Basically, I'm against his 'abolish the minimum wage and let the free market decide' platform but I'm pro his 'let's colonize space' platform."

GoodSpaceGuy, whose email is, is apparently a perennial candidate. Though this time he's running for Congress, I found this little tidbit on The Stranger (love them) from when he was running for King County Executive.
"Our meeting is over, and we didn't get around to many space-related questions, a fact that Goodspaceguy lamented. "There aren’t that many people interested in space," he told us. He also referred to tall buildings exclusively as "skyhomes." But we did ask if he had changed his name (he used to go by "Goodspaceguy Nelson"), and he explained that, in fact, his full name is still Michael George Goodspaceguy Nelson. Which sounds a lot like Wham! star George Michael, we said. 'I like stars,' he replied, 'both music stars and the stars in the sky.'"

Missouri GOP Fears The Choas

One of my favorite things about running this blog is that people send me things like this. Let this be a cautionary tale. Always proofread your campaign communications, guys. Always.

Michelle Nunn's Original Campaign Memo Winds Up Online

Guys, what, what, what, are we doing? Why did this wind up online? Check and double check that you have the correct email addresses when sending emails!! (That's what I'm assuming happened. If this was on purpose then...I can't even. No one cares about your level of access. Shut up.)

The memo itself isn't particularly earth shattering. It shares insights like, "a Democrat needs minority votes to win in Georgia" and "Jews have money." It also predicts that she will be seen as a carpet bagger since she grew up outside the state and spent her residence in Georgia in an affluent Atlanta suburb while most of the state is rural. My favorite part is that this model (even within the memo) is marked as "Confidential and Proprietary"

Really, Blue Labs? Groundbreaking stuff.

The real revelation (and in my opinion kind of a buried lede) is that the foundation that Nunn runs could be construed as kind of a shit show. According the National Review (I know)"The document also makes reference to a 2010 audit that concluded Points of Light’s accounting system was 'not adequate to account for federal funds.'"Points of Light also gave a $33,000 grant to Islamic Relief USA, which has uncomfortably close ties to Hamas. No wonder her policy on Israel was listed as "TBD."

To her credit, Nunn had a pretty good line on the flap at a recent campaign stop. “I always thought I wanted to run an open and transparent campaign but this has gone beyond what I anticipated or intended.”

Friday, August 1, 2014

Republicans Mad About Fundraising Emails

Apparently the RNC sent an email that started "(First Name), Did you abandon the Republican Party?" and continued as below:

Republican recipients were not pleased. In fact, they were extremely displeased.

Unlike the DCCC emails I just posted about, this was not satire. Even as someone who is completely unapologetic about fundraising emails (just unsubscribe and STFU about it!) this seems a little extreme. I mean it's just bad strategy. The thing I really don't get here is that Republicans are impervious to guilt. If they felt guilt, they wouldn't be able to deny women reproductive freedom, or millions of Americans access to healthcare, or refuse to address climate change or gun control, you know, to name a few.* Also they reaaaaalllly don't like their money going to help other people. So yeah, bad job.

*Not all Republicans, but Republicans by and large.

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Amazing Satire of DCCC Fundraising Emails

Trust me, it's brilliant. I don't want to ruin it, so just click here.

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