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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Organizer Store: 2017 Favorites

Happy 2018! I've missed you! Between moving and getting married and managing a race 2017 was a lackluster year in terms of quantity of content. However, new year, new me amiright? I don't want to make promises I can't keep but I am hoping to make this year a year of content meaning 100 posts. So please send questions/ideas/etc to Let's kick it off right! Below are some things I've been dying to share with you guys and I finally got the time to sit down and do it! Check out my 2017 favorites! What game changing products did you discover in 2017? Tweet @CampaignSick to let me know!

1) Gobble Box- As many of you know I went back out on the campaign trail in mid-2017. Determined to continue some semblance of a budget and self-care my (also on the campaign trail) husband and I tried out a variety of meal subscription boxes and fell in love with Gobble. We prefer Gobble for a variety of reasons. First, you can assemble their kits in 20 mins (their site says 15 but I'm keeping it real for you) using only one pan which is perfect when you come home from work exhausted or are staying in a sublet with limited supplies (check and check.) Second, they just taste better. Our first two meals were Chinese chicken lettuce cups and an Indian dish with cauliflower and paneer both tasted as good or better than what we would get with delivery plus they were less expensive and way healthier. Finally, they allow you to choose your meals from a menu of about 9 options per week and you can choose as few or as many as you like. (Although serving sizes start at 2 people.) The picture above is what we're expecting in next week's delivery. Highly, highly recommend! You can use my link to get your first dinner kit FOR FREE. You won't be disappointed. Tweet me and let me know what you think!

2) Homesick Candles- I've already waxed poetic (get it?) about the virtues of scented candles but this Fall I got to take it to a whole new level. I found Homesick candles when I was experiencing serious longing for the sights and smells of Autumn while living in Southern California. Just read the New York State candle description, "Experience the natural bounty of the Empire State with the scents of the Adirondacks, forest brush crunching underfoot, and the autumn fragrance of pumpkins and apple orchards. Sweet hay and rushing river mix with spice notes of nutmeg and cinnamon to finish." I mean #home. I was so excited I registered for both the New York City and New York State candles (thank you, Bridget!) and purchased respective candles for all the members of our wedding party (two New York, one Virginia, one Maryland, two Wisconsin, two Florida, one England and one Northern California.) I will say that some states' scents are better matched than others-I especially appreciated that Maryland smelled like Old Bay and that Wisconsin didn't just smell like cheese- and that the scent throw isn't as good as Bath and Body Works. However it is such a thoughtful, comforting gift for someone who is on the campaign trail and longing for home and I have to say a very fun gift give. I don't have a code to give you but if you sign up for their email list you can take 10% off your first order.

3) Greetabl Boxes- This one is another gift idea! Greetabl boxes are like souped up greeting card with a little surprise inside. You choose the pattern of your box and the customize it with up to three detachable photos of you and the gift's recipient. Then you can add a small treat ranging from tea, to socks, to champagne flavored gummy bears. 2017 saw deaths, breakups, moves, marriages, births and everything in between for my immediate friend group and left me intent on finding a way to better keep in touch and let the people I love know I'm thinking about them in between momentous occasions. (I spent the weeks after both my bachelorette party and my wedding texting various loved ones "why don't we get together like that more often?") I love that Greetabl is super personalized but not overly expensive. One of very the Greetabls I sent is pictured above. All told the four boxes I've sent ranged from $9-$20. AND you can use my link to get 15% off!

4)Crime in Sports Podcast- Southern California traffic is as advertised and until recently I lived about an hour away from my office which meant lots of time in the car. Once I'd exhausted This American Life and Slate Political Gabfest on my drive out from the East Coast I was searching for some road trip entertainment and after discovering Crime in Sports it became my companion on my daily commute. The Podcast is two comedians telling true crimes stories involving professional athletes. It's one of those things where I can't quite put my finger on why I find it so satisfying but I love having an episodic apolitical reliable source of entertainment on a long or long-feeling drive. One caveat: while hosts Jimmy Whisman and James Pietragallo seem like generally good people they occasionally use less than PC language/make some cringe-inducing jokes so you be judge of whether this one is for you. The good news is it's 100% free. And campaign people love Podcasts so I had to share.

5)Tieks- If you are a woman on Facebook and anywhere near my age group chances are you've seen Tieks advertisements. You're probably also thinking "Are you crazy? Why would I pay $200 for a pair of flats? Do you know what I get paid?" Yes, but after hearing accolades from one friend who is a doctor and another who is a classroom teacher (two professions that spend a lot of time on their feet) I'd been dying to try Tieks for a while. You're talking to someone who pretty much exclusively wore Tufts flip flops unless it was absolutely necessary, such was my disdain for shoes. (In practice. In theory I can't get enough of them.) I treated myself to a rose gold pair of Tieks as my dancing shoes for my wedding and I have not looked back. You guys. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn including sneakers. I have now two pairs, the rose gold and another pair in black and wear them almost every day. If you are like me and always get blisters from shoes rubbing you or find them otherwise uncomfortable you need a pair of Tieks. Sadly I don't have a discount code to share with you but if you find one you are forever my hero.

Can't wait to post more soon! Tell me what products/services are making your lives easier in the new year!

Campaign Love and Mine,