Project Wonderful

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How I Feel About the Rielle Hunter Apology Post

One time, about 2 years ago, a girl who had been terrible to me in High School sent me a Facebook message asking if we could be friends. I hadn't given serious thought to this person in years, even when we interacted at a friend's wedding, but I still thought, "No. No we can't be friends." It wasn't because I hate her or wish ill upon her. Quite the opposite. This woman has had some very serious physical and emotional challenges in her life and if anything I felt bad for her. I just didn't need her being relevant to my life. Every interaction I had had with her was negative and thinking of her reminded me of being in a very stressful and scary emotional space. So I wish you well, but no thanks.

That's the closest I can come to explaining how I feel about today's HuffPo apology from Rielle Hunter, mistress to my former candidate John Edwards--an article that is sure to dominate my inbox for the next 24 hours. Finding out the tabloid rumors about John Edwards were true was one of the defining and most disillusioning moments of my career. I don't blame you, but I don't want to hear from you. Good luck selling your book. Now go away.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

How to Make a Placard Hat

Halloween is almost upon us and that means it's time for everyone's favorite costume, the sexy yardsign. This year I thought I'd add a new addition to the costume, the placard hat. Good for GOTV, Halloween or really any occasion this is by far my favorite use of the legless yardsign. Modeled below by intern to the stars, Captain Jack Sterne of the SS Stringer.

I did not have a placard with me so I recycled this NYC Recycles Poster. How To:

Step 1: Place your placard length-wise in front of you. (Some lengths of placards work better for this project than others.)

Step 2: Fold your placard in half.

Step 3: Starting from the creased edge, fold down the corners of your placard until they meet in the middle leaving about 2" (or to taste) for the brim. Those are my toes.

Step 4: Fold up the remaining surface of the placard so as to secure the folded triangles and create a nice little brim. Optional: Secure your brim in place using campaign stickers, like Capt. Jack above.

Step 5: Impress your friends and coworkers with your fashiony fashion sense.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sexist, Horrible Hillary Buttons

Because it's a day that ends in Y, something terrible and sexist happened in the news. See the above buttons at the California Republican Convention. The "joke" is not in any way new, but my outrage is renewed because SERIOUSLY WHAT YEAR IS IT? What does a woman have to accomplish before she is no longer reduced to a (literal) piece of meat? has the story. On the bright side, I had a dream that Hillary told me she was going to run last night. Let's hope this is all they've got.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Advocate From Where You Stand: Shutdown Edition

"Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed Mike's wedding. Prepare to die."

Okay to be fair, I do not know the exact story as to how Mike and MaiLien wound up on the Colbert Report. But here is what I do know: Mike and MaiLien were scheduled to get married in DC this weekend at the Jefferson Memorial where they had their first date (Awww!!), but received a letter earlier this week informing them that due to the government shutdown they would not be able to access their venue. Then (I like to imagine) Michael used the superior organizing skills taught to him by yours truly and made his case to the public. Mike and MaiLien were on the Today Show and the Washington Post and eventually on the Colbert Report.

Michael was my organizer in Colorado in 2008 and Deputy Field Director for Claire McCaskill in 2012. I cannot stress how awesome and surreal it is to be in DC for a wedding, staying at your bro's house, turning on the TV and seeing the wedding taking place right then. On the other hand, knowing Michael it's also not surprising. He is pretty great and efficient at making things happen. Mazel Tov, Michael and MaiLien! Also excited to see the light of Michael's life (besides MaiLien) his redheaded nephew, who is featured prominently in the above video. Can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow!