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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pro-Tip: Send Cookies

We always love the volunteers who feed us, even if they refuse to do voter contact. It's not like we couldn't order pizza on our own, but there's something comforting about someone trying to nurture us in a world filled with crazy activists, angry voters and demanding bosses.

With this philosophy in mind, I sent GOTV cookies to some of my friends working on Senate races across the country. I went with KelleysKookies because they looked more homemade and less corporate than a Harry and David affair, although for all I know they are baked by Republicans.

This turned out to be therapeutic for me as well as them. They got cookies and the message that someone out in the "real" world cares about them and I got to feel connected to them if only via baked good.

I also found this particularly useful when I had to ask for data help from one of their GOTV Directors, who had profited from my care package.

13 Days out from an election, who couldn't use a little good karma?

Peace, Love and Walk Lists,


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