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Monday, December 6, 2010

Organizer Store- Holiday Edition

Is there a special organizer in your life? A boss who has been an inspiration to you in the past year? An ill advised campaign relationship that you have decided to extend into the holidays?

What to get for the Organizer who has everything?

Sure, you could go the traditional stocking stuffer route, but why not get her something that shows that you really get her?

Behold, the organizer's wish list...

1) A T-shirt Quilt. Between my sorority days and the various campaigns I've worked on, I can barely see my floor for the t-shirts strewn all over it. Memories too precious to throw away and too ratty to wear as anything other than pajamas, what more practical way to preserve and display them than a cuddly blanket? Campusquilts is the company I found through Google, but I am sure there are many companies that do this. Simply select a background color and send them your t-shirts and they take care of the rest! If your time vs. money equation works out so that you want to attempt your own and you have the artistic talent, there are instructions to make a T-shirt quilt here.

2) Campaign Barbie! Okay, technically, Barbie for President. They come out with one every year of a Presidential election. This is a link to buy it on, but a friend got me mine at a thrift store. If your organizing friend is a lady who can get rough and tumble with the boys but still likes to slip on a dress every once in a while, this is a gift that she can kept on her desk year round to remind her that you appreciate her for the special blend that she is.

3) Speaking of special blends, Starbucks Via. I'm a big fan of creature comforts and of Starbucks coffee. The great thing about these instant coffee packets is that you can keep them in your glove compartment, in true organizer fashion, and have access to good coffee anywhere. If your friend doesn't already have one, you can pair this gift with a Starbucks Gold Card loaded with an amount of your choosing. With discounts on refills and syrup plus a free drink every 15 purchases, it's the gift that keeps on giving! (Both available at

4) For the truly decadent operative, why not a Swavorski Crystal Clipboard? This company makes them for race cars, but there's no reason you can't get one made for campaign purposes. Because it's totally impractical and will wind up breaking you say? Okay, but is jewelry really any better? Just think of all the opportunities she will have to show off this gift to her coworkers. This is personalized bling that she will get use out of and won't give her the momentary heart attack that she's being proposed to.

I realize these gifts lean lady-centric, so feel free to send suggestions for gender neutral gifts.

Until then, happy holidays!


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