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Thursday, April 14, 2011

That's what she said?

Long time, no blog!

However, President Obama launched his 2012 campaign earlier this month. (Campaign website and Kickoff video here.) so it seemed like a good time to resume practices. I mean, how could I resist when I woke up two weeks ago to several of my facebook friends asking me "Are you in yet?" How did you know I said that last...oh...I get it. For those of you who don't have 70+ Democratic campaign operatives as facebook friends, has a new tool where you can post on your friends' pages asking if they are "in" for the campaign.

For the record, yes, of course, I am. Followers of my blog/facebook friends/anyone within shouting distance know that I am no Obama apologist, but pragmatist and loyal Democrat I am. I'm glad that our country has made progress on some of the issues that are the most important to me like healthcare and civil liberties, even if the leadership was debatable and the progress is too little too late. All in all I am more excited to support President Obama than I was when I worked for him three years ago. Although I won't be taking any jets out to Iowa, I would welcome any invitations to soothe my campaign sickness on the predictive dialer. And friends, if I am in to support a man whose voice I could barely stand a couple of years ago, then I think you should be too.

So I ask you, Are You In Yet?

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