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Monday, December 26, 2011

All My Single Ladies

According to to Greenberg Quinlan Rosner single women are one of the least enfranchised segments of our population.

"Unmarried women - who make up more than a quarter of America’s voting-eligible population -- today feel disengaged and alienated from politics and that threatens their participation in the next election, according to new focus group research."

It's not surprising. Off the top of your head, how many prominent single female politicians can you name? No matter how many sympathetic officer holders there are, it's hard to feel enfranchised by a government in which you can only go so far. That's why I'm such a big proponent of The White House Project, "a nonprofit leadership development organization that invites, inspires, and equips the next generation of diverse women...[single and otherwise]... to lead in business and politics." Please click on the link to check them out.

Without question, single women are marginalized in politics and in society. But the solution is not to become less involved, it is to become more so. Don't you think, backing down is exactly what they want?. At a time when Republicans are attempting to balance the budget by taking away our say over our own bodies and the only woman in the Presidential race is Michele Bachmann, single women need to be more involved now than ever. We need to continue to become candidates, fundraisers, and influencers until it is impossible to even think about winning an election without us.

As Rosie the Riviter would say, "We can do it!!"

Make your lady vote count!

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