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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Huntsman Ties Romney in Dixville Notch

A return to reason?

Apart from its hilarious name, Dixville Notch, along with another precinct called Harts Location, is traditionally the first town to vote in New Hampshire, voting at midnight on primary day and the general election.

In tonight's vote, Huntsman and Romney each took two of the nine votes cast, followed by Paul and Gingrich who each took one. (The remaining three were cast in the Democratic primary for President Obama.)

Let me be clear, if by some miracle Jon Huntsman wins the nomination, I will work against him and vote for President Obama.
That doesn't keep me from offering him unbridled support, volunteer hours, and rare financial contribution in the primary. I disagree with Huntsman on taxes and healthcare. Still, Jon Huntsman is a patriot, a qualified candidate and a reasonable, intelligent man. It's not that I want Jon Huntsman to be President, it's that I want to live in an America where Republicans choose him to be the nominee.

I've already written a blog post discussing my belief in God, but perhaps my second most controversial belief is my unfailing faith in our system. Yes, we are extremely imperfect, but I still believe in American exceptionalism, in democracy and meritocracy, however flawed our paths there may be. It's no secret that we live in an era of partisanship. Imagine the debates in an Obama versus Huntsman election. Imagine choosing between the better of two candidates. Imagine losing an election and not feeling like half the country has been disenfranchised.

Sure, if Huntsman became the nominee (which he won't) I would necessarily convince myself of his evil, as I have in past Democratic primaries, and I would need to because he is by far the most likely to beat Obama. Still, Dixville Notch's returns bring me hope. At this point in my career the best thing that could happen to me is a worthy adversary. Little by little, Americans are failing at democracy better. Huntsman's showing is a good first step toward restoring our faith in our system.

Happy Primary Day!!!

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