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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Organizer Store- Valentine's Edition

Whoever stuck Presidents Day and Valentine's Day next to each other on the calendar must have had yours truly in mind.Red and pink cardstock does nothing for me, but red, white and blue bunting? Be still my heart. If your lady is a campaign staffer, she absolutely deserves a romantic and relaxing Valentine's, candy, the works. Who can appreciate pampering more than an organizer? Lucky for you I have some ridiculous finds that combine her two great loves.

1)The Vote Necklace
The next time I need to treat myself, this is what I'm buying. Any jewelry is a romantic gift, but this necklace shows her that you love her for all that she is. As if it weren't already the perfect gift, the vote necklace is available on Each purchase donates 50 cups of food to hungry families in Africa and the United States.
2. Funderwear
A word of caution...when purchasing election-themed novelty undergarments, consider the staying power (no pun intended) of your message. Imagine if you'd purchased "Vote for the Hottie" underpants featuring a picture of John Edwards in 2008. Looking back that's just WRONG and not in the way you had intended. Ahem...not that that happened to anybody you know. Anyway this Democrat g-string may not display the cleverness of 2004's Axis of Eve series, (which featured slogans like "Fire Bush" and "My Cherry for Kerry"), but at least you know the party advertised will last at least as long as the fabric. I found this pair on

3)Vote Me Valentine
This Valentine's Card, also from Etsy was the inspiration for today's post. I mean really what could be more perfectly themed for a field organizer Valentine's Day? If Etsy asks you didn't hear it from me, but with a little effort you could probably make something similar on your own.

Here's hoping Cupid stuffs your ballot box with Valentines!

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