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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Best Description of John Edwards I Have Seen In Print

That's a picture of me and one of my coworkers wearing a chicken suit back in 2007, because I was tired of putting the same picture of John Edwards' stupid face up on the internet.

I know I always say this is the last time I am going to give this story credence and nothing remarkable has even happened here, but leave it to Jezebel to say it in exactly the words I would choose. When people ask me about having worked on that campaign (perhaps in an attempt to throw me a bone, no pun intended), they point out that where a guy sticks it has no bearing on his ability to lead our country. We're looking at you FDR and JFK. But here's the thing; granted, we are a hypocritical, puritanical, sex-obsessed society and we would probably be better served leaving politicians' personal lives as just that but John Edwards knew that when he made the decision to run again and he knew that politicians who cheat always get caught and he did it anyway. He put the Democratic nomination in peril, arguably set back the liberal causes for which he stood and what's worse he wasted my bloody time.

So here, without further ado, is my favorite description of why John Edwards is an unmitigated slimeball not written by me:

"A lying, philandering scumbag [who] is the sort of selfish narcissist who endangered the Presidential election for his party in the name of his reputation and his penis."

Also he tricked me.

Onward, Upwards, Edwards,


  1. That's ME!

    Also you should watch Battleground.

    1. Oh right. I meant to tell you. Also, absolutely not.