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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Can Hillary Usher in a New Era of Leadership?

Beautiful and inspiring post by Arianna Huffington about Hillary's potential (and by extension womens potential) to impact our political and leadership culture. Hillary Clinton is such a hero to women in politics in so many ways. Responding to Hillary's comment earlier this month about what she will do in retirement, "I just want to sleep and exercise and travel for fun. And relax. It sounds so ordinary, but I haven't done it for 20 years. I would like to see whether I can get untired." Here's a sample of the HuffPo piece:
"Having mastered the push-yourself-to-the-limit path to success, she now, in a Nixon-going-to-China way, has the power to change the mostly-male-created stressed out, dysfunctional mess that is the modern American workplace. With smart leaders making terrible decisions, with multiple health care crises, with millions who can't get through the day, or the night, without the aid of a psychotropic drug, we are in desperate need of leaders with the status and experience to bring some sanity and balance to our work culture."

Yes, yes 1000x yes! Read the whole thing here.

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