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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hands Down My Favorite Conversation on Twitter Ever

I thought I was geeking out when Joshua Lyman tweeted me, but this is a whole other kind of surreal, mostly in its greatness.

As you may remember, earlier this month I posted about an ad from fellow Jumbo and Congressional candidate, Carl Sciortino, who is running in the special election to replace Ed Markey. At the time I was promoting the ad, not the candidate, but after this convo I am all in for Carl Sciortino.

It all began when my first boss on campaigns and good friend, who we will call M because he doesn't know how the internet works, responded on twitter to my post. M recently transitioned to being a Chief of Staff for a Congressman who we will call Rep. X, because I think that is a cool name. JC refers to M's predecessor.

Okay that's awesome, right? But it gets so much better.

And to top it off, M's boss, who is my favorite Congressional tweeter.

Just A+ to everyone here, the campaign staff, the Congressman, the future Congressman, the future spouse of Congressman. This is why I love campaign people. Go Carl!


  1. As someone who is also a good friend of M's and close to Congressman X, I also LOVE this. And expect to be in the wedding party.

  2. <3 Kathleen, I almost included your comment about being in the wedding party but didn't know how you'd feel about it.

  3. Nancy, this means you're going get on our predictive dialer, right?

  4. Man, that Carl Sciortino campaign team is ON POINT! Luke email me at and we will set something up. I'm a sucker for a creative ask.