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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Oh Look! Republicans Re-invented VoteBuilder.

This Gawker article pretty much nails it when it comes to reviewing the video:
"I chose to be a part of Para Bellum Labs because this is something that has never been done before," says new employee Lauren. (By Republicans, no, this has not been done before. Not successfully. But by Democrats, well, um. Yeah.)
I came to this video, of course, with an extreme pro-Democratic bias but it feels a little creepy to me. The language and even the hipster facial hair and office layout parallel what you would expect from a Democratic tech start up but something's not quite there. It feels a little soulless, the "New York Style"-deli-chain-in-the-Midwest of campaign technology if you will. Also as the Gawker article and many Facebook friends were quick to point out, they named it after a famous Nazi pistol, or at least like one.
In fact, it's part of an old Roman cliche, "Si vis pacem, para bellum"—if you seek peace, prepare for war. That's been quite an inspiring little phrase through history, at least to militarists. It was especially inspiring to Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken, the German government's arms manufacturer from the late imperial era to World War II.
Politically sensitive as always, GOP.

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