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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Today I voted for Teddy Roosevelt

You gotta hand it to the Republican Party, everyone once in a rare while they actually have a good idea, (broken clock etc.) This time their constant looking to the past brought them to the idea of a straw poll for best Republican President in history. It can't come up with any worse than the yahoos they have running currently! Obviously, I voted for my main man, Teddy Roosevelt, but there are some other strong contenders like say...Abraham Lincoln. Republican wasn't always synonymous with regressive! I think it would be amazing if there was a coup and Harding ran away with it, but my guess is it's going to be Reagan or Lincoln.

In either case, if it got a hardcore Democrat like me to give them my contact info, it sure as heck was an effective list building campaign!

Here is the link if you'd care to make your voice heard!

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