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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Deez Nuts Polling at 9%

Continuing the theme of reposting when I don't have much to add but couldn't help but share, Deez Nuts is not only running for President, but got 9% in a PPP recent poll in North Carolina.

Normally, I am not in favor of showcasing novelty candidates since they mock the very process to which I have dedicated my life. However, since Donald Trump has already turned the 2016 season into a reality TV show, why not a 15 year old boy who carries less of an expectation to, I don't know...know better? His website appropriately looks like a 15 year old in Iowa made it, although one wonders why he didn't ask a parent to proofread (a service provided unsolicited and free of charge to this blog by my own relatives) or what religion Hebrew is.

I think the real "punking" here is not by Deez Nuts, but by PPP who decided to include him in the poll in the first place, thus proving what all operatives already know: early polls don't mean anything. Lest you come to believe that Deez Nuts is some sort of child political prodigy, I will point out that he is a self-described both Libertarian and Bernie Sanders supporter which at once makes him a walking contradiction and my worst nightmare of people to be trapped in an elevator with.

You can read his whole interview at Rolling Stone.

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