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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Field Staff Bracketology

I notice a lot of the same themes submitted to my Tumblr. Candidates refusing to do call time, useless conference calls, the constant stream of coffee and pizza...some things never change. So in this hot, muggy August, arguably the biggest slog of the year, I thought it might be cathartic to get to the bottom of what REALLY, REALLY annoys us. So with that I give you, Field Staff bracketology. (Look forward to Campaign Manager bracketology also coming soon!) Follow my tumblr for periodic opportunities to vote and weigh in!

And the contestants are...

1.) Calling people "folks"*
2.) Calling volunteers "bodies"
3.) People who don't mute themselves on conference calls
4.) People who ask conference call questions that only pertain to them
5.) People who demand to stuff envelopes
6.) People who want to volunteer "on policy"
7.) "I help in my own way."
8.) "I'll take a yard sign."
9.) "I'm not political"
10.) Repeating Fox News talking points
11.) "It is what it is"
12.) "At the end of the day..."
13.) Comparing everything to the West Wing
14.) Comparing everything to Obama '08
15.) Being told that field doesn't work
16.) Being told that "grassroots" campaign don't need to fund raise.

Hope you are doing well out there and dealing with as few of these as possible! Click above to see the matchups! I know you love voting, so make sure to participate in the Tumblr polls!

Campaign Love and Mine,


*despite what a performative progressive hater on my Tumblr commented this is not a "the gender neutral way to refer to a group of people." We have a word for that, it's "people."


  1. How do we vote?? I can't seem to vote on this bracket.

    1. Like it says in the post, they polls will be published periodically throughout the next week or so on my Tumblr. Ex:

  2. People who say "I'll help in my own way" vs. people who "only want to vol in policy"--might as well call it: weird old guy in socks and sandals vs. college kid in a suit.