Project Wonderful

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm writing a blog!

Hello everyone! I'm writing a blog...about campaigns. I know what you're thinking "Doesn't Nancy hate blogs, especially those about campaigns ever since the politico debacle of 2007?" (That's right, Ben Adler, two can play at this game.) The answer is yes, I do, but I also read them frequently and while there are a lot of blogs out there about politics, very few of them accurately portray what I did/do.

This blog is going to be part selfish effort to stay connected to a community about which I care enormously, part collection of relevant subject matter and part forum for discussion. Ideally this will be the kind of blog I would have liked to have read as an organizer- a place to share information and keep sane.

I absolutely welcome any submissions/feedback and hope you will hold me to my promise of not making this one of those blogs that I hate.