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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Things We Carried

One of the best interns EVER, who shall remain nameless since he is currently working on a campaign, called me this weekend to tell me he found a Tufts University pen in a Cedar Rapids labor hall.

The pen doesn't necessarily belong to me, but it seems pretty likely, and I'd like to believe it does. I still have a pen from the church that used to practice loudly next to my office in MN on my first campaign in 2006. It says "With God All Things Are Possible," which I found fitting given the circumstances- me doing volunteer recruitment wedged between a very loud, out of key church and a day care center for mentally challenged adults.

I kid, but I really do like to think that years later I still carry literal and figurative pieces of these places with me and that I left a little something with them. Besides, Iowa already took my dignity, my youthful idealism and a year of my life, why not also my pen?

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