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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy 19th Amendment Day!

Ninety-one years ago today women got the right to vote! Well, I would argue that technically we always had the right but now it's legal. Despite Michelle Bachmann's recent showing in the super- undemocratic Iowa Straw Poll, I think we can agree that overall women's suffrage has been a good thing. Rejoice, my sisters!

You know who didn't think so? Woodrow Wilson. In 1876 he said "Universal suffrage is the foundation of every evil in this country." He later changed his mind when it became politically expedient, but I prefer to remember him as the racist, sexist bigot he was. Here, written by Wilson 1912, is maybe my favorite argument ever as to why women shouldn't vote:
The principal objection to giving women the ballot is that they are too logical. A woman's mind leaps instantly from cause to effect, without any consideration whatever for what lies between. She thinks too directly to be enfranchised en bloc. She would run into all sorts of trouble. For instance, a woman's mind works like this: If she were voting and taking an active part in politics as men do, and if she was desperately anxious to accomplish a particular thing she would ignore every obstacle in her path and try to get it by instant, direct action.

God forbid.

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