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Saturday, August 6, 2011

This is like Campaign 101

Cain, Paul And Others Selling Campaign Gear Not Made In U.S.A.

As Paul Constant puts it "This is like Campaign 101."

It really is. Once before an important event when I was an organizer our field director had us scratching off the "Made in China" from these tiny little light up maracas with even cheaper plastic knives. The whole thing took like eighteen people working for like four hours, sweatshop irony not lost on me. Despite her initial faux pas in purchasing the maracas and her gross (and characteristic) misappropriation of resources, at least she realized her mistake. Her decision to allocate so much staff time on this project right before an important event highlights the importance of not having a foreign marker on our campaign gear.

Seriously, Republicans, who is working on these campaigns?!

Campaign gear needs to not have "Made in China/Mexico/Honduras" on it. Also, if you're a Democrat it needs to have a union bug. Class dismissed.

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