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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ask An Election Nerd: Frequently Unsanswered Questions

I'm finally done with grad school!!!! I was so excited I couldn't fall asleep until like 8:00 AM and I have been watching episodes of the Nanny on YouTube since I woke up. I haven't been this unproductive in....well, never. I'm never this unproductive. Anyway, I am trying to get through my inbox (which I'm sorry, please keep submitting things, I love to hear from you) and I realized two themes keep coming and I keep deleting them. Please see below.

Why do you hate OFA?
I don't hate OFA! I love OFA! I especially love my amazing friends and followers who have worked for OFA! I am enormously aware of and grateful for the huge contributions both the 2008 and 2012 campaigns made to our field. Plus, you know, the President. What I don't love is when some people who have only ever worked for OFA totally discount the contributions of campaigns prior to 2008 or feel that they are entitled to something because they work/ed for the President. I don't like when former staffers or activists try to apply some of the principles employed by the Obama campaign that are inappropriate to more local races. In most cases, you're not gonna get a Neighborhood Team Leader to give up all of her weekends to work on an Assembly race. I recently posted two articles that were great at acknowledging what the Obama campaign did and didn't do. One is by Bryan Whitaker and one is an interview with Jim Messina.

What are the rules on campaign hookups/locationships?
There are rules? Whenever I think of a "rule" (don't do long distance, don't date someone who works for you...) I always come up with an exception. I know two great campaign couples who broke those rules and are now happily married. Every relationship is different and I can't give you advice without knowing a lot about you or your specific circumstance. I could tell you "don't do it" and save you the heartache, but then you would never have any fun. I also don't like to talk about my own or my friends' relationships on the blog because, you know, people read it. Be professional and treat other people with respect, but those are things you should probably do in or out of a campaign or a relationship.

All this not doing anything today is weirding me out and making me sleepy. Let's talk more tomorrow. Keep sending questions for me not to answer!


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