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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New York May Become the First City to Allow Non-Citizens To Vote

Talking Points Memo:

If the City Council passes the proposal, New York would be, by far, the largest city in the nation that allows non-citizens to vote. Non-citizen voting currently exists in multiple smaller municipalities in Maryland and Massachusetts. The locations that have passed immigrant voting in Massachusetts have been unable to implement it because they need state approval. According to Ron Hayduk, an author, professor at Queens College, and co-founder of the New York Coalition To Expand Voting Rights, who was part of the team that helped advise on the creation of the bill, contends that, as a charter city, New York would not need approval from the state. However, Hayduk acknowledged there is some dispute on that issue, which he said will be debated at a joint hearing conducted Thursday by the Council’s committees on immigration and governmental operations.

I am fascinated by this! What do we think?

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  1. I'm in favor. I say if you live somewhere, you have a right to have your voice be heard in the politics of where you live. Especially since participation in local and state level elections is sooo low. If someone wants to get involved, there should be no barriers to that!