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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Today in Voter Suppression: Husted Ruling Made Permanent

You may remember one of my favorite cases from last election cycle was OFA v. Husted because of the clever legal angle and the fact that Husted was just so blatantly a jerk about it. This ruling simply says that the decision (in OFA's favor) remains in place for this November.

"The Obama Campaign sued Husted and the state of Ohio in 2012, alleging the change violated Ohioans rights to participate equally in elections. The courts sided with the plaintiffs, concluding it was wrong to treat some voters (non-military) different than others (military). The Ohio Supreme Court rejected a request for an emergency stay, and Husted released new hours including the weekend voting days.

The 2012 case remained open and Wednesday's summary judgment makes the ruling permanent. The decision does not change cuts made earlier this year on the front end of Ohio's early voting period."

So...yay! I just wanted to share some good voting news.

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