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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Flow Chart Voter Contact Script

This flow chart script is the invention of FOCS Emily Savin. I have not tried it myself but I had to share! Feel free to send YOUR campaign innovations to! Happy Saturday!

Emily says: Volunteers usually think the flowchart looks way too complicated at first, but once they understand it, they find it easier to work with than a regular linear script. (I recommend having both available.) Particularly when the script has a lot of parts (e.g., IDs and a volunteer ask and a lawn sign ask), the flowchart really helps phone bankers stay on track.

For this flowchart, I would tell the volunteer, "The white boxes are for the words you say. The shaded boxes show you what to do." I'd walk a volunteer through a sample call and guide him along the chart with my finger. I'd also say, "Speak naturally and make this your own-- we don't want you to sound like a robot-- but you do need to say the words in bold exactly as they are written, because that's a message we have to get across."

Microsoft Publisher, Powerpoint, and some versions of Word have the capacity to create flowcharts, and there are a number of free online services for making flowcharts as well.

Thanks for everything, Nancy! You've got my vote.

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