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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

True Life: I'm An Entitled White Man

So this guy is running against Carolyn Maloney for Congress, which already no. Meanwhile, you know what's messed up? His twin brother (above) interned for her in 2007 and now they are trying to market themselves as the bipartisan New York Castro brothers.

Now this same guy, Nicholas Di Iorio, wants to do a reality show about his run for Congress. Couple things with that 1)If you want to be famous, by all means, go ahead and do a reality show or something. But don't run for office like it's an amusing little hobby. The decisions you'll be making as an elected official will have a REAL impact on people's lives who don't have the luxury of being rich white men who run for Congress and be on TV on a whim. 2) I have often thought about campaigns as reality television and every which way I slice it, it doesn't work. It doesn't matter if you don't air it until after the general election because there will still be ANOTHER election, unless you are planning on losing, in which case, find some other way to be famous. Also the day to day of campaigns is actually quite boring. You cannot run an effective (or for that matter realistic) campaign when part of you is hoping something dramatic will happen. You cannot run an effective campaign when anything BUT the campaign is your priority.

I know Nicholas Di Iorio is not the only politician guilty of shamelessness, but this type of thing is my biggest pet peeve in an industry filled with almost nothing but my pet peeves. What I do for a living is not a game and neither is the impact that Congress has on the lives of millions of Americans.

That's my rant of the day. Less annoying news to follow.

Campaign Love and Mine,


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