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Friday, August 1, 2014

Republicans Mad About Fundraising Emails

Apparently the RNC sent an email that started "(First Name), Did you abandon the Republican Party?" and continued as below:

Republican recipients were not pleased. In fact, they were extremely displeased.

Unlike the DCCC emails I just posted about, this was not satire. Even as someone who is completely unapologetic about fundraising emails (just unsubscribe and STFU about it!) this seems a little extreme. I mean it's just bad strategy. The thing I really don't get here is that Republicans are impervious to guilt. If they felt guilt, they wouldn't be able to deny women reproductive freedom, or millions of Americans access to healthcare, or refuse to address climate change or gun control, you know, to name a few.* Also they reaaaaalllly don't like their money going to help other people. So yeah, bad job.

*Not all Republicans, but Republicans by and large.

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