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Saturday, August 2, 2014


Remember when I said, I love that people send me funny voting stuff? My friend Lee sent me the above picture from his Washington State mail in ballot last night. (Let this be a warning, Snapchats are capture-able!)

You can read about GoodSpaceGuy's policies here (click under Congressional District 7) but I think Lee summed it up when he told me, "Basically, I'm against his 'abolish the minimum wage and let the free market decide' platform but I'm pro his 'let's colonize space' platform."

GoodSpaceGuy, whose email is, is apparently a perennial candidate. Though this time he's running for Congress, I found this little tidbit on The Stranger (love them) from when he was running for King County Executive.
"Our meeting is over, and we didn't get around to many space-related questions, a fact that Goodspaceguy lamented. "There aren’t that many people interested in space," he told us. He also referred to tall buildings exclusively as "skyhomes." But we did ask if he had changed his name (he used to go by "Goodspaceguy Nelson"), and he explained that, in fact, his full name is still Michael George Goodspaceguy Nelson. Which sounds a lot like Wham! star George Michael, we said. 'I like stars,' he replied, 'both music stars and the stars in the sky.'"

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