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Sunday, October 16, 2016

And The Winner Is..... I HELP IN MY OWN WAY

I gotta say, I'm surprised. In a matchup between "I'm not political" and "I help in my own way" "I help in my own way" took it with 69% (heh) percent of the vote! I would have picked "I'm not political" but you guys are the boss.

I think what makes "I help in my own way" so frustrating is that it allows the speaker to retain the smug sense of satisfaction that they have contributed without actually doing anything at all. A sentence I find myself saying a lot this cycle is "I'm not here to assuage your guilt" and that's really applicable here. Look, not everyone is going to volunteer and that's okay, but you have to own that. You don't get to pretend to either me or yourself that you've done the civic duty being asked of you without doing it. Because there are people who do it and that sense of pride should be reserved for them.

It also implies that you know better than me. Like I may think knocking doors and registering voters is the right way to help, but it's actually sharing memes on your Facebook wall populated by people who already agree with you, my B.

We'll tackle "I'm not political" a different day.

Thanks so much for participating! Did you like this? Should we do another one? Comment below.

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