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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If it's broke, break it more, repeatedly...

My friend, Natalie, brought my attention to this article about broken voting machines from the New York Times Blog. Every year, this happens. They want to blame the new machines, but I was working in Brooklyn this time last year and it was the same story, polls mysteriously opening too late, machines breaking down, etc. All of which leads to DISENFRANCHISEMENT, the ugliest word in the English language and the bane of my professional existence.

As this article points out TEN YEARS after the infamous hanging chads, we still can't figure out an efficient, reliable and user friendly standard method for voting? Really? At the risk of using an expression I have never used before, this kind of thing really burns my britches. We spend all this time convincing people that their vote matters and that voting is their right and responsibility and then they get to the polls and there is another obstacle to prevent them from exercising that right. Voting should be as accessible as humanly possible and there is no reason other than laziness, incompetence or corruption that these sort of shenanigans still plague us!

Also, how confused does that lady look?

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