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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Vacation In Hell

"Participants describe it as a fraternity, a relaxing retreat, a college road trip adventure, a march to war, a vacation in hell."

An article in politico (which for the record knows NOTHING about actually working on campaigns) talking about Republicans leaving Washington to go help on races across the country, but it could easily be about Democrats.

Hooray for out of state volunteers! On the one hand, if you leave DC to volunteer on a race for two weeks and then talk about how you "worked" on a campaign....aaaaah no. On the other hand, big hugs and kisses to the out of state volunteers who have helped me throughout the years, especially a young man who sang Burt Bacharach via Facebook with me last night.

And finally a thought, I AM an out of state volunteer. Right now I am on GCHAT with one of my friends (who I first met when HE was an out of state volunteer) talking about high school outreach on his Senate race. It's the circle of life.

You can take the girl out of the campaign, but you can't take the campaign out of the girl...

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