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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Barbie For President

You've got to admire her tenacity. The woman's run for President more times than Joe Biden. Moreover it is extremely important for women and girls to be able to imagine a female executive.

"Being President culminates Barbie's career path," said Cathy Cline, who works for Mattel. "She stands for inspiring girls to be informed and involved in their local communities."

One notable feature is that for the first time the doll can literally stand on her own two feet. (Remember all those 'if Barbie were really she would topple over' conversations? Two words: weighted shoes.)

Devotees will remember that I received the 1992 Barbie for President (or as I like to call her Campaign Barbie) as gift when I returned from Iowa. Will you guys judge me if I buy this? Too bad! Because just like Barbie, I can be whoever I want.

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