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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Politically Engaged

How do you know you're a campaign person? When you have the following conversation...

Me: What should I get my friends for their wedding?

Friend: Well, where are they registered?

Me: I don't know...they live in DC but he's from Wisconsin and she's from Missour...oh.

My first friend I EVER made on a campaign is getting married this weekend!!!

I vividly remember sitting in my office in North Carolina reading this article and thinking about how my friends and I were going to have "Edwards Babies" someday...and now they're actually doing it! (Not the babies, the married.) Granted this was before a "John Edwards baby" was something completely different and also before Megan and Jon even started dating. Actually it was a really long time ago and a lot of things were super different, but the one thing that hasn't changed is how important the people I met as an organizer are to me.

I can't think of any other job except maybe the military where you grow that close with your coworkers. Campaigning is an extremely strange vocation and I am blessed to have smart, passionate and caring people to share that craziness with. Jon and I have discussed every major event in either one of our lives since we left Iowa. Shortly before I made the decision to attend this wedding, my organizing protege texted me a picture of his fiancee's hand wearing a new engagement ring and I teared up so much I almost starting crying into my baklava. (I was at a restaurant, I don't just carry around baklava.) So, while I'm not gonna be crankin' out any Edwards babies any time soon, I did find a lot of love on campaigns.

Which is why you'll have to excuse my hiatus while I go celebrate the love of people I love.



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