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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Straight from the Horse's Ass's Mouth

Check out this Anti-Todd Akin add from progressive Super PAC American Bridge.

“Todd Akin’s remarks on ‘legitimate rape’ are just a starting point for his extreme views,” American Bridge spokesman Matt Thornton said. “We figured there is no better way to show Missouri voters that Akin is unqualified to be a U.S. Senator than to let him speak for himself.”

A very powerful idea if people actually open the mailers and listen to them. The advantage of campaign mail being that unlike ads and emails you HAVE to see it when you take your mail in. Speaking of which, did you know the US Postal Service is running a campaign (pun intended) to increase the number of political mailers as a way to boost its revenue stream?

“The USPS recognizes MailPOW leaves an impression that POWers voters from the mail box to the ballot box. We’re thrilled and honored that the USPS is promoting our talking cards,” said Crystal Martin, the entrepreneur behind the product.

Can't wait to see a study in the impact of these cards.

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  1. I love American Bridge so much, and I'm so into these cards!