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Friday, October 26, 2012

Surprise! You're getting a surrogate!

Hypothetically, let's say you get a call with 24 hrs notice telling you a high level surrogate has finally agreed to stump for your campaign. This happens a lot this late in the cycle. It happened to me in 2010 when we had just 3 days to plan an event with the President for 10,000 people. Where do you start? What do you do? Here is a list of questions to ask yourself and reminders about protocol when planning a big event with a little notice. Note that some of these things can (and ideally should) be determined way ahead of time so that when the call comes you can start calling through the appropriate lists right away.

Where will ADA seating be available and what is the protocol?

Where are people entering? How will you get them signed in?

Is there adequate parking? If not can you arrange a shuttle?

Do you need/where will you get bunting, flags, etc?

Will there be a clutch? If there is a clutch will it be for donors, politicos or supervols- and who will you include?

How will you designate people for the cluth or VIP seating area? (Special entrance? A list? A ticket?)

Who needs a personalized phone call from the campaign to let them know about the event?

Who will introduce your surrogate? Who else will speak?

Will there be entertainment, if so who?

Will there be a convocation or pledge of allegiance? If so, who will lead it?

Who will be allowed on stage with the surrogate?

What is the make up of your district/universe? How will you ensure that shots from the event reflect that universe?

If the event is ticketed which organizations and politicians will need tickets for "their people"?

What will be the contact number/email for the event? Who will check the voicemail?

Make sure that the outgoing voicemail has pertinent information for the event.

Who will have your candidate's cell phone the day of the event?

Where will the media be? Who is your media contact?

Make sure to ask the surrogate to make a GOTV sign up ask at the end of his/her speech.

Will you have a sign language interpreter?

Do not allow outside signs into your event for both safety and political reasons.

Where are the bathrooms?

What to bring
Yard Signs
Directional Arrows
Signs for ADA seating
Sign In Sheets
Sign UP Sheets
Donation Envelopes
Placards and/or Home Made Signs

Let me know how it goes!

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