Project Wonderful

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy 60th Birthday, Daddy!

I know it is not like me to do a post like this, but I felt in this case it was fitting.

If you have ever benefited from my writing, my work ethic, my high standards or my Star Trek references, this is the face you have to thank (and not just because, as I am often told by my family, our faces are the same). Even though he is a busy-pants lawyer in New York City, he still sends me a postcard every day since I left home for college. So birthday shout out to my dad, who in spite/because of the fact that I'm told I get all my faults from him, is pretty great.


  1. Your dad sends you a postcard *every day?!* That is the most adorable. Happy Birthday, Nancy's Dad!!!

  2. Yep! I have thousands at this point. My dad is definitely adorable.