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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Why do we drink? 'Cause it's better than to think.

Political operatives love to drink. In this town, cocktails and shop talk have gotten so they could barely be less extricable. Don't worry, Reid Wilson at the Washington Post was like, "I'm on this" and created the above infographic detailing adult beverage consumption by party affiliation and voter turnout.

At first I thought "this is bullshit," but then I saw that my go-to victory drink, Jameson, is one of the only whiskeys that leans Democratic, whereas my preferred vodka for a dirty martini (my drink after a long, LONG, day at the office) is one of the few Republican leaning vodkas. Also, Republicans, what is up with peppermint schnapps? Talk about poor choices.

Anyway, the findings are actually pretty interesting.

Bottoms up!

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