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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So you think you've asked everyone...

Candidates often claim they exhausted their options when it comes to fundraising. Here is a handy reference for you to say "Oh really? Have you tried..."

Personal Connection Asks
Christmas Card List
Family, Extended Family, Extended Extended Family (eg your Aunt by marriage’s cousins)
Current boyfriend/girlfriend/partner's family
Your former teachers/professors
Family friends/Friends of Parents/Parents of childrens’ friends
Workout Buddies/Gym Trainer/People in classes with you at the gym
Your haircutter/manicurist etc
Your online social network Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn universe

Community Connection Asks
Day school classmates
Middle school classmates
High school classmates
College/Grad school classmates
College/Grad school alumni
Community Organizations of which you are part (Volunteer orgs, Rotary Club, etc)
Church/Synagogue/Religious Community
Fellow PTA parents/teachers
LGBT community, activists, people you know through GLAD, GLSEN, etc, local leaders
Local business owners who are impacted by legislation (use your town’s yellow pages and reach out to the owners, regardless of their politics)

Political Connection Asks
Donor lists from electeds/former electeds/candidates who have endorsed you
Unions that might endorse your campaign
Local PACs that might endorse your campaign
Former and current elected officials
Local community or issue based activists
Party activists/board members in your area/city/state
Local issue based clubs (eg chapter of Sierra club)
Political enemies of your opponent
People whose political campaigns/causes you have supported in the past
People with whom you have volunteered on political campaigns in the past
Anyone you have identified as a supporter (a “1”) of your candidacy

Professional Connection Asks
Coworkers/Former Coworkers
Unions of which you are a member
Professional organizations (Bar Association, etc)
Your professional network (other colleagues with whom you may not have worked directly)

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