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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Advocate from where you stand-Greek Edition

Dartmouth Sororities Boycott Frats that Ignore Assault

This article is old, but I wanted to share it for a number of reasons. First, I want to introduce a new category of posts highlighting non-traditional forms of advocacy and engagement or "Advocate from where you stand." Second, it's about sorority women.

When I tell people I was Greek in college I invariably get one of two responses a)"Of course you were! That explains the cheering, high kicks and peppiness at 2 in the morning." or b)"But, you're so smart!" Yeah,I am! And so are my lawyer/doctor/PhD candidate/non-profit running sorority sisters!

At their best, sororities are about empowering women and creating communities where women support each other. (There's my little bit of advocating from where I stand.) This is an excellent example of that. These women used their position to support women in general and influence the behavior of these fraternities.

*Snaps* to you, Dartmouth sororities! This rose is for you.

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