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Friday, June 10, 2011

Advocate from Where You Stand-Petition Edition

Click here redirect to the petition saying you don't date men who don't support equal marriage!

So, you know how I've mentioned Dan Savage in two of my last eight posts? Well I'm a big fan, almost as big a fan as I am of gay rights and creative advocacy. I was listening to this podcast and well...I'm just going to do some copy and pasting:
On his April 26th podcast, activist, author and sex columnist, Dan Savage said the following in response to a female caller who had refused to sleep with a potential partner because he opposed equal marriage:

“Wouldn’t it be great if this spread… just this meme that women don’t sleep with men who oppose marriage equality? Because homophobia, ladies, again, it is misogyny’s younger brother. And a guy who hates gays or is afraid of gays on some level hates and fears women too.”

In response to that call to arms, we have created this petition:

Because the same outdated thinking and bigoted attitudes cause opposition to and legislation against both LGBT and Women's Rights,

Because while questions should be addressed and ignorance should be educated, true hatred and bigotry have no place is our society,

Because we refuse to bring sexual and emotional gratification to those who would deny it to our friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers,

We pledge to abstain from sexual or romantic relationships with anyone who actively opposes equal marriage or promotes violence or bigotry against the LGBT community.

Homophobia is taboo, abhorrent behavior and should be treated as such.

If he can't fuck him, you can't fuck me.


The Undersigned

Please Click Here to Sign! (Redirects to the Petition)
(And please forward to your friends!!!)


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