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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Republicans want to eliminate the Election Assistance Commission

Because "it's a waste of money."

Which it is, if you consider making voting more accessible and secure a waste of money. The EAC (click for website) is essentially a government agency dedicated to providing and gathering information on how we vote. Among other services, they give grants for new voting technologies, test new voting systems and provide voters with information on elections and election laws in their area. I have no doubt that aspects of the agency are mismanaged, but that doesn't detract from its mission.

So to summarize, the elected officials who support H.R. 672 want to make it harder for us to go to the polls and elect them. Yes, the FEC can take over some of these duties, but I'm gonna go ahead and put a fine point on it. These politicians don't want to make it easier to vote because they are afraid that the groups that benefit most from the EAC, like the disabled or indigent, won't vote for them. This is the same kind of stuff we have been seeing all month in state legislatures. Unsurprisingly, the same people who don't mind denying the young, old, poor or disabled health care have no qualms about disenfranchising them either.

And disenfranchising people, well that's downright unAmerican.

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