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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is Obama Losing the Jewish Vote?

No. Not in any meaningful way. And Ben Smith is a muckracker.

This article doesn't offer any polling data and among the groups it cites are the Republican Jewish Coalition and seniors, groups that were not likely to have voted for Obama in 2008.

His whole proof for the article is "some people I talked to."

On campaigns we used to say that if someone isn't going to vote for you because you called them too much, they weren't going to vote for you to begin with. The same principle applies here. No doubt some people will blame their change of heart in 2012 on "the Israel issue," and Obama possibly made a misstep in the after-glow of killing Bin Laden by coming out so strongly for 1967 borders, but what he suggested was not really that radical. If you're a Jewish Obama supporter, chances are you've already found a reason to forgive him.

This article is irresponsible journalism, but if Obama feels attacked, at least he is in very prestigious company.

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