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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rhode Island Couple Charged with Voter Fraud

I've never actually heard of a case on this level before.
Although I am sure this isn't the first.

"Agnes Mancini, 67, a former secretary for the Johnston Board of Canvassers, and her husband, Anthony, 68, turned themselves in to state police headquarters in Scituate Wednesday. Both were charged with fraudulent voting. State police detective commander Capt. James O. Demers said the Mancinis voted in the 2010 mayoral election in Johnston despite the fact that they lived at 69 Orchard Meadows Drive in Smithfield...The couple never voted in Smithfield, he said. Instead, they used the 1193 Hartford Ave. address of their business, Mancini Service Station, to vote in Johnston, he said."

The couple could face up to up to ten years in jail each and a fine of up to $5000.

Bravo to the police for taking this matter seriously, although I can't help but feel bad for the couple. People do this all the time and rarely, rarely get caught. In fact, how did the police even find out you wonder?

Apparently police got a tip and investigated. Who was this tipper? What kind of clever, disgruntled and politically engaged person just happened upon this situation? I mean, I take voting very seriously, but even I don't think I would have turned them in. I'd love to know more about this person including where he was the night of the 2008 Iowa caucus.

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