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Monday, September 24, 2012

Brazilian Elections Sound Awesome

"At least 16 candidates for municipal elections have adopted the name "Obama" to try to get more votes on October 7. There are plenty of "Baracks," as well as "Ricardo Obama," "Wilson Obama" and even "Barata Obama," which literally translates as "Cockroach Obama."

...And it doesn't stop with the U.S. president. As candidates try to stand out, ballots are filled with the names of characters like Batman, Robin, Superman and Rambo. And there are even some oddball characters like gyrating dancers, Santa Claus and a "Bin Laden" who says he'll "blow up corruption."The candidates dress in costumes during their short electoral spots, hoping to grab the attention of would-be voters.

...One of the Obama candidates has another explanation for many of the bizarre names adopted during elections. "There is so much corruption in politics that people sometimes prefer to vote for a candidate who isn't a real person," said Gerson Januario de Almeida. He's running for councilman in the central Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte with the name "Obama BH." For the last couple of years, he has worked as a Barack Obama impersonator at parties and events.

...Obama BH says he's pretty sure no one has adopted the name of the Republican U.S. presidential candidate."

The corruption thing is obviously awful. On the other hand, can you imagine getting to vote for Batman as NYC Mayor and there being a real chance of him winning? That would be awesome.

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