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Thursday, September 13, 2012

GOTV Training BINGO!

This morning I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes on the daily conference call of a region that is headed to their GOTV training this weekend. Thinking about my own experience with GOTV, I tried to envision what lay ahead for these organizers. GOTV trainings are daunting, exciting, and extremely important but can also be formulaic and predictable (for better or worse.) My trip down memory lane yielded some phrases and experiences that are bound to appear cycle after cycle. If you are headed to a statewide training this or another weekend, be on the lookout for the following words and sights and let me know who is the first to get BINGO! (Apologies, you'll have to zoom in to read the chart.)

Have fun! Get sleep! Don't forget, your statewide leadership wouldn't ask of you anything they didn't know you are capable of achieving!


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