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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Who Else Is Running for President?

On Thursday, I went to vote in our local Democratic primaries to choose between two career politician hacks for State Senate. I thought "this is what those GDI third party types must feel like all the time." Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with President Obama on everything, but I do feel incredibly lucky that there is a major party candidate whom I am actually excited to vote for. Still, it prompted my interest to see what the third parties had to offer this Presidential season.

Please check out these candidates' websites for more information.
You can see who is on the ballot where with this handy chart. I recognize that the left-right spectrum is a little simplistic and that one of the things that a third parties have to offer is nuance, but I wanted to give you a shortcut to figuring out where these candidates stand. Also note that candidates who did not have a website were not represented and that Peta Lindsay of the Socialism and Liberation party is not included because she is too young to Constitutionally qualify. Roseanne Barr's candidacy will get its own post.

President: Jill Stein
Vice President: Cheri Honkala
Affiliation: Green Party
Left-Right Spectrum: Left of Obama
Background: "Dr. Jill Stein is a mother, physician, longtime teacher of internal medicine, and pioneering environmental-health advocate."
Issues: The Green New Deal, Workers' Rights
Quote/Slogan: "Another US is Possible. Another Party is Necessary"

President: Virgil Goode
Vice President: Jim Clymer
Affiliation: Constit ution Party
Left-Right Spectrum:Right of Romney
Background:Former member of the Army National Guard, Democrat-turned-Republican Congressman from 1997-2009
Issues: Immigration, Deficit
Quote/Slogan: "Save America. Citizenship Matters."

President: Stewart Alexander
Vice President: Alex Mendoza
Affiliation: Socialist Party
Left-Right Spectrum: Left of Obama
Background: Political Activist
Issues: Socialism, Equality
Quote/Slogan: "Take the power back!"

President: Rocky Anderson
Vice President: Luis Rodriguez
Affiliation: Justice Party
Left-Right Spectrum: Left of Obama
Background: Former Mayor of Salt Lake City
Issues: Transparency, Rule of Law
Quote/Slogan: "Replacing private interest corruption with public interest solutions"

President: Tom Hoefling
Vice President: J.D. Ellis
Affiliation: America's Independent Party
Left-Right Spectrum: Right of Romney
Background: Conservative Activist
Issues: Religion, Anti-Choice
Quote/Slogan: "Who represents you?"


  1. Oh noes! I searched for the GOTV playlist on Spotify and I can't find it. :(

    Also, I really racked my brain when you put the call out and couldn't think of anything, but seeing DJ Khaled made me think of "Out Here Grindin" with Akon and Rick Ross, and it should definitely be on the list.

    Standout line? "Ain't slippin; 8 days? I can go for 8 weeks, ain't nuthin to me, cause I am the streets!"

  2. Awesome! Adding it. Still working out the details of how to work Spotify. I just tweeted it, see if you can find it there.