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Friday, September 28, 2012

Canvassing: It Gets Votes and It Saves Lives

From Oregon Live:
"A Portland man [and canvassing for the Oregon branch of Working America] says he just happened to be at the right place, at the right time Wednesday evening to save an Oregon City woman from a fire in her home and extinguish the flames before crews arrived...

"I was raised to take the initiative to help people when you can," he said. "The opportunity presented itself in this case. But I'd like to think if the tables were turned and I was in trouble, someone would help me...."

Michael Taeu, originally from Hawaii, said he was just glad he could help. His boss gave him the rest of the night off from canvassing."
Really? The night off? Is he aware that the election is in less than 40 days? All kidding aside, this is a wonderful heroic story and I am not at all surprised. The type of people who are politically engaged are the type of people driven to make society better. As this extremely interesting article for my extremely boring poli sci class points out, rational people vote to improve society at large. Truly, we are a wonderful people.

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